Evidence that in God All Nations May Trust

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Here is some of the evidence, which you may correct, clarify, or challenge, that:

God, the deity named by the Bible as its Divine Author, is a reliable source of principles that serve the best interests of all the peoples of every nation, because God really is as the Bible describes: Creator of all, and committed to the best interests of all.

Therefore our economy, security, opportunity, and freedom can only grow as we elevate the Bible to dominate our national discussion of whether to fashion our laws after the principles of Heaven or of Hell. Our nation can only benefit as we publicly discuss, and develop consensus on, its meaning and reasonable application to the questions that trouble us.

Not as a “religion” whose expression ought to be “protected” without inquiry whether it has any basis in reality, but as tested, trusted, irrefutably proved truths so essential to our happiness that to kick them to the sidelines of our national discussions is as smart as kicking roses barefoot. (Acts 9:5)

Not to “establish” any religion, which means punishments and rewards in law for religious belief, speech, or worship. But to help identify principles of freedom, business, and opportunity which, applied to our laws, benefit everyone.

Not to surrender law-making to a minority of Bible believers. Not to change the way America’s laws have always historically been shaped: by the votes of the majority, after vigorous national discussion of the facts, the evidence, and of reality. The only difference recommended here is that in that national discussion which always precedes law making, God’s voice not be muzzled, dismissed as irrelevant.

This is not a completed article, whose absence of information is a statement that there is no information. This is a project, begun, but waiting on you to help complete it. This is a challenge. What is the evidence that your beliefs are based on reality? State it here.

Evidence that the future was foretold with specificity and accuracy beyond human ability, and documented to be before the event.

Evidence that any leader of the religion rose from the dead, after being documented irrefutably to be dead, and whose rising was witnessed by impartial witnesses who had nothing to gain from their testimony.

Evidence that historical events and cities alleged have been documented to be unimpeachably accurate by archeologists

Evidence that scientific principles unknown to the scripture’s human authors are confirmed today as accurately described

Contrary evidence: “difficult” passages quoted to cast doubt on the divine authorship of at least this portion of the scriptures

Allah, Koran

Krishna, B’hagavad Gita

Buddha, admitted to be merely a man who by definition had no more superhuman wisdom than any of the rest of us