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The fewer who are willing to manage the interactions of citizens, the closer their only possible government comes to being a dictatorship

Evidence that in God All Nations May Trust

The Immigration Solution best for our Economy, our Security, and our Faith

Saving South Sudan (How refugees can open U.S. refugee quotas so their families can come, and How Refugees can heal the government of South Sudan so their families won't have to leave)

Saving South Sudan - general discussion

Principles of the proposed UTSS Constitution in the Bible

Cruz, Trump, Keyes, and the Bible

"Never Trump" and the Bible

Democrat Platform on immigration

Republican Platform on immigration

Republican and Democrat Immigration Platforms are Similar

Immigration (Comparing what parties and candidates say)

Setting Immigration Quotas - the Mystery of the Wages (There is no measure of the number best for citizens)

Whose Expertise Inspired Our Immigration Laws? (U.S. immigration policy is driven by those who have least studied the key facts)



Shining "the Gospel" Outside the Bushel

Personal to Ted Cruz

Gospel Light turned off by Christians


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