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Where people will reason with you without insulting you.

Where disagreement is respectful of people but is focused on correcting nonsense.

Where everyone can appeal to the highest principles they know in support of their positions - even Christians.

A new organization, a different kind of organization, offering online, video, and in-person forums for discussion of issues of public concern able to generate more light with less heat.

A forum for healing national division with penetrating though always respectful dialog.

A “think tank”.

A “multitude of counsellors”, Proverbs 15:22.

A “Partnership Machine”.

A place where people who disagree can reason with each other.

Where an idea, to survive, must be proved true – not merely “tolerated”.

Where there is patience to listen to evidence of whether claims match reality – even claims that are “politically unrealistic”.

Where all politically relevant views that can be substantiated are welcome, but not discussion killers like personal attacks.

Where information is judged, not people.

Where no one is banned because their information was unwelcome elsewhere, but only, if ever, for documented dishonesty, personal attacks, profanity, spam, or repeated violations of rules of order.

Where unpopular truths have a better chance than popular nonsense.

A “Think Tank” which establishes facts with enough authority to bring “Political Reality” closer to reality – to help Truth become “politically realistic” again.

Likes (We are:)

Like Snopes and Factcheck in that we check alleged facts and will respond to suggestions about what to check, except that you see who does the research, and you can see how people on conflicting sides of controversial facts reason with each other. And we are accountable to the public: anyone can correct an error or omission they spot, and a record is kept of every proposed correction even if it is rejected, like on Wikipedia.

Like Wikipedia in that we are accountable to anyone who can find any error in anything we publish, except that top experts on a subject are allowed to participate and to cite their own articles or research, which is not allowed there, which limits participation to the less informed. Original ideas and solutions are also welcome here but not there. Also, discussion and debate about the substance of the issue; there, discussion can only be about what information can be posted. Plus we welcome far more information than is welcome in Wikipedia’s issue summaries. Like Wikipedia, we preserve a record of contributions which the majority rejects for inaccuracy, except that we make it easier to find: we list “Minority Reports” at the end of our main articles. Like a political party’s Platform Committee, except we interact continuously, not just for a couple of months every two years, and anyone can participate. Plus we don’t just interact with only people in our own party, or even religion. We interact with everyone willing to enter our forum.

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