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How you can contribute

Option #1: The easiest way: leave a comment. You can enter your comment on the "talk" page, where it will be treated like a comment. Sign your contribution by typing 4 tildes - those squiggles on the upper left of your keyboard. Viz. Dave Leach R-IA BibleLover-musician-grandpa (talk) 00:29, 12 March 2016 (EST). The "talk" page makes sense if your contribution/criticism/argument is general, and not related to any particular point in the article.

Option #2: If you see a place in the article itself where your contribution seems to fit in, you can add it there. If you think your contribution should be obvious to anybody and agreeable to everybody, such as a typo or some other obvious error, you could just go ahead and make it in the body of the article, and either sign or not, with the 4 tildes.

Option #3: If your contribution is distinct from the viewpoint of the article, you can distinguish it by indenting it as a separate paragraph. To indent, type a colon (:) at the beginning of your paragraph. Then you could begin your paragraph with a word describing what type of contribution it is. For example, Objection, Criticism, Friendly Amendment, Argument, Correction, Clarification, Rebuttal, Additional point. Sign at the end with 4 tildes.

Option #4: If your contribution is a major point, and/or more than a paragraph, you may want to put it under a separate heading. You could use a word like those just suggested, or you could make up a headline that describes your point. Put two equals signs on either side of your heading to make it a major heading. Put three equals signs on either side of it to make it a sub-heading.

Just go to the world , click "create account", 

The Partnership Machine Forum format is different from any other forum.

Under each topic heading, there is a summary which includes the relevant national platform planks of the Republican and Democratic parties, and summaries of any substantially different solutions.

Then come main headings, one for the Republican and one for the Democrat position, and other positions. If your contribution doesn’t fit the position of any political party, make up a heading that describes it. (Original research is encouraged, a thing prohibited at Wikipedia. Wikipedia also requires lip service to the mythical “Neutral Point of View”.)

Under each main heading are sub headings for each aspect of the issue – each argument made for it, and each fact relied upon for it.

Under each subheading there is a sub-subheading, “Interaction”. Here is where you respond to the arguments and facts of the other position, and acknowledge any agreement.

After you edit or add any section, list your name and party with which you registered at the end as a contributor. You may add adjectives further describing your political perspective. You may add a link to anywhere that gives more information about yourself.

As you submit your contribution, describe its purpose. Examples: “minor edit: typos” or grammar, flow of thought. Or “major edit: deletion of irrelevant material” (such as information posted in the wrong category, personal attack, profanity)

You can vote, but not anonymously. You can add, after any subsection, under “Likes” or “hates”, your full name, state, party, date, and up to 50 characters clarifying exceptions to your vote, or giving a link to more explanation.

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