Terms of Service

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What you CAN'T do is what you wouldn't do anyway

Rules (that are conditions of participation) are simple and short:

Nothing irrelevant allowed! Profanity, advertisements*, or other spam will get you instantly banned. Personal attacks (as opposed to relevant "criticism") will be deleted and you will receive a warning, or the attack portion may be greyed, if they seem marginally relevant to the discussion; if they seem mean or gratuitous, and are the whole substance of your content, you will be banned. Contributions only marginally on the subject of an article or a subheading will be deleted. Or perhaps moved if an editor finds a place where they are appropriate. The only time it is relevant to attack the character or qualifications of a person rather than the merits of an issue is when the person is the issue: for example he is a candidate for public office. But even then, unsupported criticism is a "personal attack".

That's about all that you can't do.

(*Actually we will allow a bit of advertising, in your personal page, limited to a 25 word description and a link, provided the link is to a legitimate product or service that you provide and not to subjects rife with fraud, lust, and spam.)

What you CAN do is described at Rules. Links to Rules, FAQ's, articles, etc are in a banner at the top of every article, beginning with the Main Page (the "home page" at www.SaveTheWorld.Saltshaker.US).