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This started from a Facebook post, to wit:

Arlo Leach, Software Developer

Mar 31, 2020 · · I was checking in with some of my international BandHelper users and was inspired by how many governments and citizens all around the world are sacrificing to keep the pandemic within manageable limits. When this is over, what if we took the same unified sense of purpose and applied it toward climate…

Stevie Lee Combs Exactly.

Catherine McBride Yes.

Dana Gardner I agree. Was just discussing that with someone.

Jim Johnson This meteorologist will watch from the sidelines. My atmospheric science background leaves me a bit outside of the climate craze circle. Y'all just go ahead.

Dave Leach During the Spanish Flu pandemic just a century ago, what disunited people was the deliberate policy of President Wilson and much of government to downplay the seriousness of the virus. By contrast, the unity we enjoy today is only possible because somehow, there is trust in reports of the need for the crippling measures we are taking. Obviously the reason climate change is only taken seriously by half our nation is that only half our nation, and half of scientists, believe (1) it is a problem, and/or (2) there is anything we can do about it, beyond keeping our air and water clean. When we can reason with each other better about the facts, we will be able to act together.

Dave Leach So far I have seen only limited interest among humans in reasoning with each other, after the discovery that we disagree.

Dave Leach Want to start a trend? Want to reason? Start an article on my wiki, www.savetheworld.saltshaker.us.

OK: anyone want to start the trend? Here is the starting line: