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Vaccines, Masks, Censors


This is a record of my interaction with the Veterans Administration Hospital of central Iowa about their requirement that everyone wear a mask all the time they are in the hospital. I showed them the research proving masks are completely ineffective at stopping covid, but they do a magnificent job of blocking oxygen so that wearers' oxygen levels drop and carbon dioxide levels rise, causing a wide variety of serious medical issues.

I had a few exchanges with VA staff, followed by attempts to involve newspapers to report it, and lawyers to sue in federal court.

The basis of my complaint is in two parts: Section One explains in what sense blind faith in rituals proved by research to accomplish nothing, loaded with social rejection of anyone who questions them, runs towards the essence of the False Gods of primitive paganism and offends the Biblical importance placed on Truth. Section Two summarizes tons of research showing that masks and vaccines don't help but harm, while covid tests are very unreliable.

God's Coronavirus Cure in 3 Verses (Probably a situation that brings most politics to a screeching halt, shutting down entire legislatures, should be classified as "political")

Cure for Covid Censors A petition to state governors: "Governors: base mandates on ALL the science. Sponsor an Online Forum where Doctors can Interact without fear of Censorship, which you will use as a knowlege base for your emergency orders." (See this article for complete information, and model Emergency Powers legislation. See PETITION for an online petition at CitizenGo.)

Application_for_Religious/Secular Exemption from Mask Vaccine & testing_Mandates

Section One of this Application explains (1) my reverence for Truth and evidence, (2) the Bible’s emphasis on Truth and evidence, (3) Bible heroes who resisted health laws not based on reality, (4) why mask and vaccine mandates which cannot rationally claim support from evidence must be classified as “religious”, and are presented as false gods, and (5) what the Bible says about bowing down to false gods, and the importance of openly, decisively disclaiming them. Section One presents legal analysis of the First Amendment prohibition of “establishment of religion”, as well as theological analysis.

Application for Secular/Religious Exemption from Mask/Vaccine Mandate - Section Two, The Evidence Section Two of this Application reviews medical research that shows (1) masks do not slow covid spread with any “statistical significance”, (2) masks cause serious medical and emotional problems, most tragically in children, (3) vaccines cause more deaths than covid, and (4) government blockage of proven covid cures points to some other government purpose than reducing covid. But you probably don’t need this evidence; you probably have plenty of your own, or you wouldn’t want an exemption. This information is widely available, and expands daily, so Section Two is out of date anyway. (Section Two also lists arguments common in other Applications for Religious Exemption: vaccines are developed from a murdered baby, and the Bible calls us to treat our bodies as the Temple of God.)

Covid_Updates (through 2020)

Free Speech Laws, Precedents & Scripture

Bill Gates' Dream is our Nightmare

The Supreme Court's War Against God

Open letter to Jeff Angelo, WHO Radio, and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds

You invited listeners, February 8, a week ago, to talk you out of your belief that satanists have a perfect right under the Constitution to display their idol at the state capitol, to host after-school Satan clubs, and to send their own “pastors” into schools when that bill passes.

Thank you for giving me something to do to fill up my week.


Reversing Landmark Abomination Cases
Saving Babies from judges & voters
Saving Souls from ‘Scrupulous Neutrality’ about Religion
by proving in courts of law and in the Court of Public Opinion that:
The right to live of a baby and of a judge are equal
The Bible & reality-challenged religions are NOT equal
A strategy of Life that relies on the Author of Life
for pro-life, pro-Bible Lawmakers, Leaders, Lawyers, and Laymen

The 140 Amicus Briefs filed in Dobbs v. Jackson

The “Outlawing Abortion in Compliance with Unanimous Court-Recognized Evidence that Abortion is Murder” Act A strategy of Life that relies on the Author of Life Featuring Nuggets from the 140 Amicus Briefs filed in Dobbs v. Jackson (which overturned Roe v. Wade June 24, 2022. "Amicus briefs", also called "Friend of Court" briefs, are filed by groups with a strong interest in the case, such as prolife and prodeath groups, who are not direct parties to the case but who will be affected by the outcome.)

Some claims are so unacceptable that it becomes almost irrelevant whether they are true, but some Truths are so irrefutable that censorship fails, like Darkness trying to put out Light, John 1:5.

Ending Legal Abortion in Every State in about a Year (This is an earlier, shorter draft of the preceding article.) By including the irrefutable, unanimous, unchallenged evidence that babies are fully human, with conscious souls, in the "findings of facts" of a prolife law, courts are forced to address that fact when they review the law. It is impossible for any judge to squarely address that evidence and keep abortion legal, in ANY state. It is just as impossible for any news reporter or Democrat to squarely address this evidence, and still defend abortion. Therefore if any prolife lawmaker anywhere in America can be found to simply INTRODUCE a prolife bill with these Findings of Facts, this evidence will take on a life of its own and be impossible to censor for long. Some claims are so unacceptable that it becomes almost irrelevant whether they are true; likewise, some truths so challenge the censors that they are like Light in Darkness which Darkness can no longer put out, John 1:5.

Alito Draft Treats ITS A BABY as a Matter of Opinion This letter written to six conservative Supreme Court justices responds to several outrageous quotes in the leaked draft by Justice Alito, and on their statements during oral arguments the previous December, in which they said they couldn't tell if unborn babies are real people, which should flabbergast any prolifer. I sent this letter June 15, 2022 BEFORE their ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson repealing Roe v. Wade. I gave evidence they should respect that babies really are people, which makes killing them legally recognizable as murder. They had said since they can't tell, voters should decide, through their elected state representatives.

I answered that the right to murder cannot be on any ballot. I reminded them that the 14th Amendment was passed specifically to protect those who “as a matter of law” were never treated as “persons in the whole sense”. I said that repealing Roe while calling ITS A BABY a Matter of Opinion won't end aborticide cases. I pointed out that repealing Roe, leaving liberal states free to continue the slaughter, is no better than Dred Scott v. Sandford which left liberal states free to continue the slavery.

They had written that voters must decide whether to murder babies based on the "social value" voters place on babies. I responded that the "social value" that women have to be allowed to kill babies in order to have "full equality" is held by most non-Christian religions and philosophies but is alien to "all men are created the Image of God". I pointed out that every court-recognized fact finder that has taken a position has ruled that "It's a Baby!" If the unanimous ruling of every court-recognized fact finder is not enough for a judge to know a fact, how can any judge ever know anything? I acknowledged that every state appellate court in abortion prevention cases said Roe made the FACT that babies are people irrelevant, by ruling that babies are NOT people "as a matter of law". Besides pointing out that the Supreme Court actually never said such nonsense, the 14th Amendment protects all who are IN FACT humans. What is irrelevant is whether they are “persons” “as a matter of law”. Even Roe treated ITS A BABY as a fact question, for fact finders.

ND_Court_Gives_Moms_Fundamental_Right to_Save_Themselves_from_their_Babies

Troubling Excerpts & Analysis from Dobbs v. Jackson My letter to SCOTUS didn't improve their understanding of babies. SCOTUS ruled that "it's a baby" is a matter of opinion beyond the ability of courts to resolve, so voters - not courts - should decide whether to keep baby killing legal. My analysis points out that SCOTUS doesn't treat the humanity of any other group of people as so subjective that states need the freedom to decide whether to legalize murdering them.

Well, At least aborticide is not a "fundamental right" - though not because babies are people so killing them is murder. No, the best reason they could come up with for ruling that aborticide is not a fundamental right is that it hasn't been legal in past centuries. Pardon the french, but state legislatures need to pass laws that will fill that vacuum of intelligence. If crimes against people should be kept legal according to whether they have been legal in past centuries, with no discussion of the very real people hurt by them, then slavery should still be legal.

Valentine Letter to Supreme Court Justices: outlaw baby killing in EVERY state This was my first letter to the Supreme Court, mailed on February 14, 2022, before the leaked Alito draft. It responds to alarming, foolish quotes from the most conservative justices in the December 1, 2021 oral arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson.

Scriptures SCOTUS must address before saying Christianity supports abortion Roe v. Wade said part of the reason "the judiciary, at this point in the development of man's knowledge, is unable to speculate as to the 'when life begins'" was because preachers and doctors don't agree! Yet no preacher from the last 1,000 years was consulted! So obviously, SCOTUS' theology is due for an update. Here is some of what God says about it. God made babies, so God knows what He made.

Four_Drawbacks_of_a_No-Right-to-Abortion_State_Constitutional_Amendment The Iowa Supreme Court overturned a prolife law and claimed that abortion is a "fundamental right" in Iowa, no matter what it is elsewhere. I don't think that is quite the meaning of the ruling, but Iowa prolifers now think they have to pass an amendment to the Iowa Constitution before they can think about any other prolife laws. Which means more years of waiting. Here are the legal reasons that is unnecessary.

Answers to Lawmakers' Objections

The consensus of court-recognized fact-finders that babies are people even before they are born This is the core legal consensus that no judge can squarely address and keep abortion legal.

Abortion Law Alabama Here is my analysis of an Alabama prolife law with robust Findings of Facts, but that did not go far enough to survive courts.

Missouri Encyclopedia of Abortion Arguments Here is my analysis of a Missouri prolife law with robust Findings of Facts, but that did not go far enough to survive courts.


Outreach to 2800 Republican Lawmakers in 30 States where Republicans Control Both Chambers In 2019 I offered my book, "How States can Outlaw Abortion in a way that Survives Courts", to Republican lawmakers. Over 50 accepted a copy. But so far I know of none who acted on the opportunity.



Another AntiImmigrant Bible Claim

Deadly Immigration Rhetoric

Many of our ancestors documented THEMSELVES

The Immigration Solution best for our Economy, our Security, and our Faith

Cruz, Trump, Keyes, and the Bible

"Never Trump" and the Bible

Democrat Platform on immigration

Republican Platform on immigration

Republican and Democrat Immigration Platforms are Similar

Immigration (Comparing what parties and candidates say)

Setting Immigration Quotas - the Mystery of the Wages (There is no measure of the number best for citizens)

Whose Expertise Inspired Our Immigration Laws? (U.S. immigration policy is driven by those who have least studied the key facts)

Personal to Ted Cruz


Saving South Sudan (How refugees can open U.S. refugee quotas so their families can come, and How Refugees can heal the government of South Sudan so their families won't have to leave)

Saving South Sudan - general discussion

Optional: Turn your Response into a New Article

Principles of the proposed UTSS Constitution in the Bible

Other Political Issues

Open Letter to Election Affirmers/Fake News Subscribers Reflections on my interview with a Washington Post reporter and her article


Racism - Whether Blacks are even Citizens - A Debate

Judicial Accountability Act: How Legislatures can stop judges from legislating

Election Fraud What can we do to ensure future fair elections? Consider the degree of election fraud we have just been through, the degree of Republican acceptance of the results as correct despite the fraud, and now with the fraud machine in charge of the U.S. legislature and presidency while promising to pack the courts, while free speech is being completely shut down in our newsrooms and social media against any suggestion of the least fraud. What will keep fraud from spreading to the remaining 44 states, and from presidential elections on down the line - if they haven't already? What courageous new movement will rise to restore honest elections?

This Judge ruled like a Christian Historian

Climate Change

Spiritual Preparation for Action

How to React when God's Answer to your Prayers is Delivered by an Unqualified Messenger or is Gift Wrapped in Hard Work or in a Lot of Reading

God's Blueprints for Political Victories

Bible Blueprints for Christian Meetings

1: Obeying God beats traditional worship

2: "Good works", not just talk with no intent to act, are God’s goals for meetings

3: God answers prayers through forums where “all” reason and “exhort”. Sermons aren’t mentioned.

4: Bible heroes, like God, are very Political

5: "The Gospel" is not just about Heaven, but also about Heroic Hard Work Here

6: "Light in the Darkness" means quoting God about Darkness in the Darkness

7: The "Cross" we must carry is an "easy yoke", a "light burden". It is a reward. It is Life, now. It may "cost" money, friends, wealth, careers, comfort, life, but not anything we need

Beast or Savior? Musk v. 1 Cor 14 Fellowship

Shall we rejoice when an abortionist goes to Hell?

Trump - America Needs Him but not his Pride or his Sodomite Patronage Bible perspectives by Scott Lively (pastor, lawyer, anti-sodomy activist from Oregon to Uganda), David Lane (organizer of American Renewal Project which brings pastors to hear political leaders and encourages them to run for office) and Dave Leach, website guy]]

Personal Attack Headlines that Violate Proverbs 24:17

Are Christians Happier?

Drinking is for Death Beds

Multitude Of Counsellors Project

America got Freedom from the Bible

Upon this Rock I will build my Congress <> Part Two: WHICH "Rock"? <> Part Three: Politics in the Gates <> Part Four: Congregation/Congress v. “Church” <> Part Five: The Congress of Living Stones

What God says we will accomplish by meeting His way (Invitation to join a "Multitude of Counsellors", Proverbs 15:22)

God's Relationship Primer

The Bible on Equal Rights for Women: Did God Write "For Men Only" on the Pulpit?

Psychology vs. the Bible

What we can Pray for that isn't Forbidden by Prophecy

The fewer who are willing to manage the interactions of citizens the closer their only possible government comes to being a dictatorship

Evidence that in God All Nations May Trust

Shining "the Gospel" Outside the Bushel

Gospel Light turned off by Christians

Reasoning with Pastors

This section is for reports of dialog with pastors about those "Noninvolvement Theologies" that are keeping the "Armies of God" from shining the Light (of what God says about our national abominations) out into the government-entangled Darkness outside the church walls - out in those forums where voters decide whether to pattern our laws after the principles of Heaven or of Hell. Even where pastors give occasional sermons identifying some of those abominations, and more rarely direct token political action, there remain prohibitions against other churchgoers besides the pastor being allowed, on church premises and through church communication channels, to discuss, reason, investigate, strategize, and take action together, not limited to the pastor's political knowledge, to shine that Light out where it will get rid of some of that Darkness. See Reasoning with Pastors - Introduction for Dave Leach's explanation of why he is publishing these reports of dialog with several pastors which, as they occurred over the past 30 years, he did not expect to make public.

Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men. Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.  Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. - Matthew 5:13-16
Thou shalt not mix politics and religion. - 2 Denominations 3:16
Thou shalt not talk about anything controversial in church. That is, anything important enough that the discovery of disagreement in another is disturbing. - 1 Controversies 23

Reasoning with Pastors - Introduction

Pastor Terry Amann, Church of the Way