Talk:Setting Immigration Quotas - the Mystery of the Wages

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Measure immigrants by their motives

Quotas are arbitrary and are the product of political posturing and theatrics and debating. Those who want cheap labor to take advantage of want lots of cheap labor. Those who want to protect their wages want fewer competitors. The moral differentiation is between those who want to come here to undercut American wages vs. those who have to come here to avoid persecution, death camps, etc.. The latter divide up into those who are helpless vs. those who should be fighting for their homeland and not expecting Americans to get killed fighting for their freedom, vs. those with gumption enough to not freeload on somebody else's blood and do their own fighting for themselves and earn their own way. Who shouldered the burdens of George Washington and his troops? The foreigners who want to sponge off their sacrifices and losses haven't earned their way in 2016 or any other time. When you meet a whiner, he may be whining for sympathy and a handout or he may be whining for mercy that he really needs. There are shades of gray in between. Who went to war to fight Hitler rather than running away? You don't expect a 3-yr old or an 83-year old to do combat to get his country back or get it liberated in the first place. If the 23-year old foreigner daddy wants your son to risk his life overseas so he can sit in America and suck his thumb curled up under a cozy bed, it is clear who is worthy of sympathy and who is worthy of a swift boot to the rear.

Randy Crawford R-IA Prolifer. 11 March 2016. At least I am a Republican on paper. Cruz is the only one worth sneezing at, and Trump is just the Clinton machine's 2016 version of Perot, to blaze a path to the White House by hosing suckers. ...Huckabee is the guy who was backed by Henry Barbour, nephew of nepotism's Haley Barbour, the guy who sabotaged Mississippi Personhood [like the serpent in Genesis 3] with subtle guile. Barbour Jr. wanted Huckabee so as to block Cruz, and you know pro-aborts aren't going to back a governor from next door in Arkansas for benevolent reasons. But Huckabee talks a nice talk like so many others. rpc

Counterpoint. Does any immigrant "want to come here to undercut American wages"? I'm not sure how many even believe American wages are cut by immigration. Economists don't seem to think so in the long run. The CBO doesn't think so.

It is certainly true that opportunities to fight for freedom at home are passed over by many refugees. I know that because it is so hard to find freedom fighters here at home where the fight is not physically dangerous. But the cowardice and apathy I find here makes me sympathetic to people fleeing to us for their lives and their families' lives. I just pray some of them will engage here where it is so much safer and more comfortable. I pray that will inspire complacent natural born citizens. I pray they will inform citizens of the dangers beyond our borders seeping across our borders. Dave Leach R-IA BibleLover-musician-grandpa (talk) 21:44, 12 March 2016 (EST)

Quotas once had a purpose

Quota levels are part of an archaic immigration system. Congress and special interest groups have appealed to the president for increases in the past.

The concept of having certain limits was for the purpose of allowing immigration to go forward at a rate that allowed groups to arrive and begin the inculturalization that would teach foreigners to become knowledgeable, find jobs and succeed. It was not for the purpose of keeping people in collectives where law and customs could be imported in and allow for isolationism.

Roosevelt was petitioned repeatedly to expand the 10,000 Jews limit in the latter years of WWll. He continually refused even when boats of refugees showed up in the east coast, fleeing the Nazis. Roosevelt was an antisemitic who allowed many lives to be lost because he considered refused to budge. Cathy Ramey R-OR Prolife publisher