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  1. Reasoning with Pastors - Introduction
  2. Republican Platform on immigration
  3. Republican and Democrat Immigration Platforms are Similar
  4. Rules
  5. Saving South Sudan
  6. Saving South Sudan - general discussion
  7. Scripture about "no personal attacks – attack nonsense"
  8. Scripture about Suspicion’s purpose
  9. Scripture about relevance
  10. Scriptures SCOTUS must address before saying Christianity supports abortion
  11. Scriptures about relevance to action
  12. Scriptures about responsiveness
  13. Scriptures about “Back up what you say”.
  14. Setting Immigration Quotas - the Mystery of the Wages
  15. Shining "the Gospel" Outside the Bushel
  16. South Sudan's 2011 "constitution"
  17. Terms of Service
  18. The Bible on Equal Rights for Women: Did God Write "For Men Only" on the Pulpit?
  19. The Immigration Solution best for our Economy, our Security, and our Faith
  20. The consensus of court-recognized fact-finders that babies are people even before they are born
  21. The fewer who are willing to manage the interactions of citizens the closer their only possible government comes to being a dictatorship
  22. This Judge ruled like a Christian Historian
  23. Tips
  24. Upon this Rock I will build my Congress
  25. VA Hospital, asked for medical justification for mask policy, consults lawyers
  26. Valentine Letter to Supreme Court Justices: outlaw baby killing in EVERY state
  27. What God says we will accomplish by meeting His way
  28. What we can Pray for that isn't Forbidden by Prophecy
  29. Whose Expertise Inspired Our Immigration Laws?

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